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FitCamp is a back to basics fitness program that utilizes simple moves and equipment to challenge your body into moving. This program is for people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels. Our instructors are certified and knowledgeable and will gladly provide modifications or adaptations to suit your individual needs.
FitCamp Is DOG Friendly
You Can Bring Your Dog To Any Class
FitCamp our basic program is for you if you want to invest one-hour a day, five days a week for six weeks. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we focus primarily on cardiovascular fitness such as walking, jogging/ running and circuit courses. Tuesday and Thursday we work on strength training: weights, bands and body weight exercises designed to increase bone density and muscle definition. 

Everyday is absolutely different—you will not get bored and your body will be challenged at whatever fitness level you start. 

FitCamp is for people of all ages and abilities. Weekly motivational emails and some nutritional guidance is given.
FitCamp Plus will supplement your basic program with an initial and final individual 1/2 hour evaluation with a personal trainer. You will receive a personal booklet for you to track your body composition, workouts and testing results. This is for individuals who want to know where they are and have a target or goal that they want to meet.
FitCamp to the Max will supplement your basic program with an initial individual one hour (1 hour) evaluation with a personal trainer, four 1/2 hour weekly check-ins and a final 1/2 hour evaluation with a personal trainer. We will track your body composition, provide you with additional workouts and testing results. The most innovative program combining a group exercise class with personalized personal training.

This is the total accountability package!

Can't make it to one of our locations? No problem! 

Participate in our Virtual FitCamp

Virtual FitCamp will provide you with 30 workouts to do during a 6 week time period. This is the ultimate in personalization as we will customize the workouts and utilize the equipment, facilities and amenities that are available to you.
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