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Stacey Neil, MA, LMFT, PT 

Marriage & Family Therapist, Lic # 51986


As both a Personal Trainer and Psychotherapist I utilize a mind/body/nature approach in my work with individuals, teenagers, couples and families.  I promote transformational change that encourages healthy balances in work, life, spirituality and growth.  My over 20 years in fitness, wellness coaching, and psychotherapy brings a unique integrative approach to overcoming issues such as depression, poor motivation, low self esteem, negative body image, anxiety, and feeling out of control and disempowered in your own life.  I have supported my clients in learning radical self acceptance through improving relationships with themselves and others. We work together to increase life satisfaction by targeting the underlying issues around topics such as: critical self talk, feeling not good enough, and the inability to ask for what they need.  

I approach my psychotherapy work from within an integrative wellness philosophy.  I utilize theoretical orientations from evidenced based practices within the framework of three approaches:  Strength Based TherapySolution Focused Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).   I work with my clients to first identify what a truly authentic and passion filled life would be like for them – a process that at times is being considered for the first time.  This understanding guides and directs our work together as I believe that all of us hold within us our own intuitive guide on how to navigate this life while experiencing our truest self.  We can at times find ourselves our own worst enemies as we place defenses (road blocks) in our own way and sabotage our successes. Our work together identifies the reasoning behind such blocks and finds solutions and internal strengths to overcome such obstacles. 

I am utilizing a tele-health platform to work with my clients throughout California. This platform allows my clients to comfortably and safely hold sessions from whatever environment they choose.  Some of my clients prefer a quiet place in their home for sessions and others find sitting in nature to be a helpful way to integrate our work together. You will receive a HIPPA compliant on-line platform link during our scheduled time together.  It's easy, no need to download anything ahead of time.  If you would prefer to meet outside away from WiFi, FaceTime typically works better.  It's entirely up to you.

For those clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, I offer in person sessions in the redwood forests of Nisene Marks, or for a beach walking session at Rio del Mar Beach. The pricing and session time is the same and I provide you with a parking pass for our meeting time.  These sessions in nature are a wonderful way to bring you back into a sense of peace in a natural environment and allow those who feel more comfortable meeting in person a format to support this.  You can choose how you would like to meet, and you are able to even decide to utilize both platforms as you wish. 

In addition, I have worked extensively with adult/teen clients who have been diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illnesses such as: Schizophrenia, Severe Anxiety, Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder.  I have helped families of adult clients with these disorders put a plan in place to allow for long term care of their loved one.    I write, teach and have facilitated groups on: Integrative Wellness, S.T.E.P. parenting classes, Support Groups on Self Esteem, Healthy Sexuality, Anger Management, Healthy Living, and a Women’s Empowerment Series based on, “The Four Agreements”.


I look forward to meeting you.

Specializing in Teenagers, Individuals, Couples and Families
I am a proud provider of Clinical Supervision to post Graduate Masters Students working towards BBS Licensure.