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What is Integrative Wellness Coaching? 

As an alternative to Psychotherapy, you may be interested in integrative Wellness Coaching. This approach is more directive in that it enables you to set reachable, attainable goals that we discuss and follow up on in each session.

This accountability can be very useful for some individuals. Unlike Psychotherapy which looks at underlying defenses and the reasons behind your feelings, behaviors and mood; Wellness Coaching works in the present in a short term manner designed to motivate and kick start you on a more cohesive life path that is congruent with your goals. 

Wellness Coaching helps you determine solutions and answers to questions you may have about being stuck in your life, relationship, body, or career. I have coached my clients on how to integrate exercise, lose weight, eat nutritiously, switch careers, as well as integrate all areas of wellness into their life for better balance, life satisfaction and passion.  

Coaching is priced out at the same schedule as psychotherapy.  Please see my appointment tab for more information or call me at 408-827-5139.

You can work with me virtually or via phone. 
Stacey Neil, LMFT, CPT is also trained as a Wellness Coach. You can choose the approach that suits your needs.