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I am a licensed Psychotherapist, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach currently serving individuals, teenagers, and couples in a thriving Telehealth based private practice. 

I attended the University of California at Santa Cruz for my undergraduate degree and pursued my Master of Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University receiving academic honors and a 4.0 in both degrees. Pursuing my licensure through the board of behavioral science allowed my formal licensure in 2010. I have spent over 25 years in the field of wellness under a variety of different degrees, advanced trainings and specializations but they have all brought me to the bottom line of all the work that I do: 

Every human being deserves to live a life that is fulfilling, free of suffering and full of purpose.  

It is with this single-minded goal that I work from my whole heart to offer healing, direction and an armory of tools to enable fulfillment and wellness in what is often a very challenging world. 

Personally, I am passionate about nature, high sierra backpacking, fitness and dancing in the park. My life’s greatest joy is my family and helping others. I am humbled and honored in my work with clients and I hold sacred the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client as my greatest calling.  

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